Family and Friendship

Although, family may be a group of people that are affiliated by affinity or co-residence, it extends more than that in the contemporary African society. Using my own family as an example, I discovered that family is very vital and there is need to maintain and strengthen the family in order to keep them together.Growing up, I noticed that a family is most likely to endure when founded upon marriage between a man and a woman. To support our families, let us develop in ourselves and inspire in others family issues like morality, spirituality, charity, loyalty, humility, integrity and responsibility through our actions. These family values may be used to resolve family issues and improve family life.Presently, these family values have been debased. Nowadays, most homes are run on three shifts with father on the night shift, mother on the day shift, and the children shift for themselves. This is nothing but chasing after the wind. Parents no longer play their roles and children are disobedient and act flagrantly against social norms and duties. The attributes of the family values which include honesty, respect, purity, caring, and commitment have all been thrown into the garbage.More so, nowadays, families have been shattered by divorce and truth has been thrown out of homes. Parents lack integrity and children are more criminally prone than being obedient. There is no respect for tthe family roles any more. Each family member is more interested in what is in there for him or her. Children are at home alone while parents are at work, sex outside of marriage is accepted, truth is relative, and the focus is more on self-interest than family interest.However, for most, family brings a sense of comfort, joy, and love, but for others, family can mean resentment, bitterness, and hurt. Always know that there is no family that is perfect. Each family has its own challenges and secrets. But above all the pain and sadness I do believe in forgiveness and healing. Realistically, I believe it and is the only thing I know to be true.Thus, losing family obliges us to find our family. Not always the family that is our blood but the family that can become our blood. Thus,should we have the wisdom to open our door; you never know who will receive that gift of friendship. Friendship may be a form of interpersonal relationship but it is generally considered to be closer than association because it has a close link with a family, as losing a Friend is tantamount to losing a family.More so, endeavor not to always judge people by how they look, what they do or whether they are rich or poor. This shows what true friendship and helps to strengthen the family ties. Family ties and friendship is based on respect, trust, loyalty and the ability to accept someone for who they are; no matter what. Loyalty is about helping your friends and families achieve their dreams, keeping their confidences and helping to conquer their fears.