How To Work On Clothing And Style?

Fashion and style sometimes becomes stressful, but if you want to enjoy the style, sort out undesirable things from your wardrobe. Then choose some pieces that make you stunning, and stylish. Let’s see how we can do this through a step by step guide.Check the clothingCheck your wardrobe to see if there is anything you don’t like, and then see what you like, separating each type. Similarly, recheck the list you like, so that you don’t buy same clothes again.Donate itYou can donate the clothes you don’t like, so that you get some space for the new clothes. Whereas, throw away the pieces which are in a bad condition.Check your jewelryRepeat the above process, and separate your jewelry pieces. Keep what you like, donating or throwing away what you don’t like.Start buyingThis step needs special attention and time as well. Don’t try to just fill the wardrobe, instead make a priority list, and buy the clothing gradually.Limit the styleTrends change every year, so only buy a few clothes, including jeans, fitted t-shirts, skirts, and dress trousers, or any other clothing you like.Update the accessoriesGive some style to your cheap clothing by updating the accessories like scarves, belts, hats, purses, jewelry, and shoes. Moreover, buy only what you need.Adore your bodyAlways love your body, and wear according to your body shape. The best thing is to wear something that has medium size, like not too baggy, or tight.Hide the bad partsWear clothes that hide the unattractive parts of your body shape, and wear a dress that accentuates the good parts.Use the flatness positivelyIf you have a flat body then you are free to use the ruffles and embellishments. You can go for high hemlines and deep necklines.Play with your heightYou can increase or decrease your height by creating illusion though suitable clothing.Choose the right colorsChoose the hues that match your skin tone, as the skin color affects your choice a lot. If your skin tone is cool, then buy white, silver, grays, blues, violets pinks, black and greens. Whereas, for warm or pale skin tones you must buy browns, tan, reds, magenta, oranges or gold. Also consider your eye and hair color when you go out for shopping.Keep things less busyDon’t use too much patterns, or embellishments, and only try to have one pattern.All these tips will help you enjoy the clothing and style.