Family and Friendship

Although, family may be a group of people that are affiliated by affinity or co-residence, it extends more than that in the contemporary African society. Using my own family as an example, I discovered that family is very vital and there is need to maintain and strengthen the family in order to keep them together.Growing up, I noticed that a family is most likely to endure when founded upon marriage between a man and a woman. To support our families, let us develop in ourselves and inspire in others family issues like morality, spirituality, charity, loyalty, humility, integrity and responsibility through our actions. These family values may be used to resolve family issues and improve family life.Presently, these family values have been debased. Nowadays, most homes are run on three shifts with father on the night shift, mother on the day shift, and the children shift for themselves. This is nothing but chasing after the wind. Parents no longer play their roles and children are disobedient and act flagrantly against social norms and duties. The attributes of the family values which include honesty, respect, purity, caring, and commitment have all been thrown into the garbage.More so, nowadays, families have been shattered by divorce and truth has been thrown out of homes. Parents lack integrity and children are more criminally prone than being obedient. There is no respect for tthe family roles any more. Each family member is more interested in what is in there for him or her. Children are at home alone while parents are at work, sex outside of marriage is accepted, truth is relative, and the focus is more on self-interest than family interest.However, for most, family brings a sense of comfort, joy, and love, but for others, family can mean resentment, bitterness, and hurt. Always know that there is no family that is perfect. Each family has its own challenges and secrets. But above all the pain and sadness I do believe in forgiveness and healing. Realistically, I believe it and is the only thing I know to be true.Thus, losing family obliges us to find our family. Not always the family that is our blood but the family that can become our blood. Thus,should we have the wisdom to open our door; you never know who will receive that gift of friendship. Friendship may be a form of interpersonal relationship but it is generally considered to be closer than association because it has a close link with a family, as losing a Friend is tantamount to losing a family.More so, endeavor not to always judge people by how they look, what they do or whether they are rich or poor. This shows what true friendship and helps to strengthen the family ties. Family ties and friendship is based on respect, trust, loyalty and the ability to accept someone for who they are; no matter what. Loyalty is about helping your friends and families achieve their dreams, keeping their confidences and helping to conquer their fears.

Family IQ Review – Looks Like an MLM, Smells Like An MLM, Wait, It’s Top Tier!

So I guess it’s no big secret that many distributors in the MLM industry like the Top Tier MLM business model and Family IQ a new Top Tier MLM is one you could be hearing a lot about very soon.Now after being in the industry for over 23 years, I am a huge believer in Network Marketing and have had the opportunity to work with many Network Marketing companies, and also serve on the advisory boards several.During that time I have worked with numerous variations of the “Standard MLM” business models and I have also watched and studied as each new compensation plan variation swept through the industry.At times you could almost feel that the industry was, even after 40 or more years still seeking a higher plateau of development, that magic mix of compensation plan components that would ultimately reward a distributors up front business building efforts as well as provide a highly profitable long term residual.Let’s see, Unilevel, Compression Programs, Rollups, Binary, Hybrid Binary, Coded Bonus, Matrix and so many variations of those it makes my head spin just trying to keep track of them.”So which is the best” is probably the question I am most frequently asked by MLM hopefuls looking to achieve success in Network Marketing, and form a new Plan A in today turbulent financial market. Well in the final analysis of course they are all profitable, all companies no matter what comp plan they use have top earners who’s checks would make you green with envy.The only issue is of course “when do you want to be paid?”That of course is the big dividing line drawn right down the center of the industry.On one side are all the “Standard MLM” compensation plans, no matter what variation of pay plan they may use, and on the other are the “Top Tier MLM” companies.If you have read any of my blog posts explaining the differences such as “Top Tier MLM or Traditional Which is Better?” you know that the basic key difference is the price point of the distributor kit a new rep buys when they enroll and how much the company pays out on the initial product package.Top Tier MLM companies usually have a much higher level of compensation on the front end allowing a new rep to earn a full time income from day 1 and Standard MLM comp plans usually put most of the profit on the backend residual which can take several months or years to fully develop.Now I thought I had it down pretty well and so I guess I should have expected it, an entirely new variation hits the market.Darn! Just when I thought I had it all figured out.Enter Family IQFamily IQ is a new “Top Tier MLM” with a fairly low end startup package and an aggressive residual MLM compensation plan on the backend.What…?I first ran into Family IQ when an online marketer I know generated about $33,000 in commissions in a month marketing this company last December.It kind of puzzled me so I did an extensive review of the company to see what kind of magic they had working for them and here is what I found.Family IQ is the brain child of Mark Hobbins who founded the company in 2001.Now Family IQ is fairly new to the MLM world since they just launched their MLM business model in about October of 2010 but the company has been around for about 10 years prior to that with an online business model offering according to the company website…”state-of-the-art family skill building tools to treatment programs and therapists who wanted to improve family relationships”.You know, Dr Phil kind of stuff………Then last year, Family IQ decided to go with a direct to consumer business model and chose a Top Tier MLM compensation plan.The Family IQ products are all online training and educational systems designed to help improve interpersonal relationships between family members, husband and wife, parents and children, and so on.So when a distributor signs up they get access to all the online training modules and since Family IQ has been compiling this training media for over 10 years there is quite a bit of it.Now most Top Tier MLM’s tend to use some type of educational product and most tend to be financial (such as Wealth Masters International) or self improvement related, but the Family IQ line is pretty much the first of its kind.I have to say that when I first looked at the Family IQ product line I was not sure about its success as a Network Marketing product but after doing some marketing research, I have been pretty amazed at how strong the appeal this product is.Several people I interviewed who were marketing Family IQ were doing extremely well and averaging 10 + signups a month. The Master distributor of Family IQ is Rod Stinson, who has been highly successful in the world of Top Tier MLM over the years. Now Rod has been in the MLM industry for over 20 years so he knows the market very well.Rod moved over into the Top Tier MLM business model years ago and has been quietly making a fortune by using some very innovative marketing sales funnels based on direct response marketing models.The Family IQ compensation planThe Family IQ sign up package is $1495.00 which is comparable to what a distributor would pay to join a “Standard MLM” if they purchased the top end product line when they enrolled, but in the world of “Top Tier MLM” where product packages usually range from $2000 on the low end to as much as $20,000 on the high end, the Family IQ package seems to come in on the low side.This is where the top tier part of the compensation plan kicks in because when you enroll a new member into Family IQ you receive a whopping 70% commission, earning a clean $1000 per new rep you enroll into the business. The initial commissions on the sign up packages are actually paid out daily since according to the sign up procedure the new person entering the business first enrolls on the Family IQ site and pays the company $495 to register, however they are not active status until they complete the payment for the balance of the enrollment fee of $1000 directly to their sponsor.That’s right, they pay you $1000 directly…..Nice touch! Most of the reps actively working the business generally have the new enrollee send them a cashier’s check by overnight mail and then the sponsor goes into their back office and activates the distributorship for the new person.So if someone really wants to earn money quickly, this system works really well since there is no limit on how many $1000 commission checks they can receive, and they can of course receive them daily.Now the Family IQ plan also has a 9 level “Unilevel” type residual pay plan that allows reps to tap into the ongoing growth of their organizations by receiving a $50 bonus for each new signup on levels 1 to 3 and then $24 payout on levels 4 to 9. This is very similar to some highly successful coded bonus pay plans in use today.To be qualified to receive the residuals, the rep of course must be active status by signing up for the Family IQ monthly membership fee of $79.00.The payout on the Family IQ membership fee is 6% on levels 1 to 4 and then 4% levels 5 to 9.Now part of the appeal of this deal is the powerful Family IQ automated presentation done by the master distributor Rod Stinson in which he outlines the advantages of the Top Tier MLM model and then shows numerous examples of his receiving multiple Fedex envelopes every day, generally averaging about $70,000 per month and even averaging about $103,000 in one recent month!Beam me up Scottie! I have stumbled into a parallel universe! Actually the 2nd or 3rd time Rod showed his dining room table covered in cashiers checks I think I actually sat up in my office chair and said:”Ok already, I get it, there is money in the deal, I believe you, now what’s next?”New reps when they enroll also receive one of these recorded business presentations and a replicated website to start spreading the word.So what does the future hold for this Hybrid – Top Tier MLM?Well from all indications Family IQ could be a unique example of one of the first Top Tier MLM’s to actually go viral. One of the key elements that has always helped fuel a new company’s growth is when people actually make money, and if you have a lot of people making a lot, it’s kind of like throwing gasoline on a fire, and there appear to be a lot of people in Family IQ making a lot of money.So dynamic growth aside, what actually is the appeal of this Hybrid – Top Tier deal?Well with Family IQ, I think it’s a combination of factors1. The price point of the Product: Even though $1495 is pretty low for a true Top Tier MLM, this price point makes it reachable by just about anyone who sees the opportunity and it pays a pretty whopping big commission for such a small price tag.2. The Powerful Webinar-On-Demand presentation that Rod Stinson does where he shows enough proof of income by way of Fedex envelopes and Cashiers checks that he could paper his house with them is obviously a big factor. There are several instances of this throughout the presentation and after about the 4th or 5th time you actually start to think….. Good Grief, I want some of those! All new reps get one of these “On Demand” presentations on their replicated website and the system even includes a special software package that generates free MLM leads off of the internet. Now I was skeptical about this until I found out it was a type of scraper software and I have used these before and they do work. All in all it’s a very good sales funnel and lead system.3. Company Credibility and Noble Product: Now this is where a lot of Top Tier deals fall down, I mean let’s face it we are all in MLM for the money anyway but sometimes the company just does not measure up. This is Family IQ’s strong point, they literally smack of credibility.So should you drop everything you are doing and jump on the Family IQ bandwagon?Well that depends on your financial goals and how quickly you want to achieve them. Now as I outlined in a recent blog post “Is Network Marketing Dead?”, the big appeal of the Top Tier business model is the GPT (Get Paid Today) principal, so it does give you the ability to get to the big money quicker, in 30 to 60 days as opposed to 12 months or more in a Standard MLM.Now normally in a Top Tier the back end residual is less than you would make in a Standard MLM but with Family IQ they appear to have an attractive Hybrid business model that actually pays both.I expect we will be hearing lots about this fast moving new company in the future.